Green Arrow DC Nation Shorts Released Featuring Cupid and Onomatopoeia

A trio of recently created, fan-favorite villains have appeared in a pair of new DC Nation Green Arrow shorts just released officially by DC Entertainment.

Just days after Cupid was cast on The CW's Arrow, the character appeared in a DC Nation short on Cartoon Network, which you can now find online.

You can check it out below.

In Arrow, the character will be played by Supernatural's Amy Gumenick.

Onomatopoeia is a fan-favorite character, created during Kevin Smith's run on the series (which revived Oliver Queen from the dead). He's been a character frequently mentioned when fans talk about who they'd like to see on Arrow but not only the show's producers, but even Kevin Smith has acknowledged how difficult it would be to do the character in live action.


There's also a short featuring Brick, the red-skinned man-mountain first created during Judd Winick's run on Green Arrow.

Don't miss Green Arrow and other great DC Nation shorts during episodes of Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network.