Greg Weisman Teases Hope for Young Justice Season 3

Greg Weisman thinks there could still be a future for Young Justice. While announcing that the [...]


Greg Weisman thinks there could still be a future for Young Justice. While announcing that the critically acclaimed cartoon's second season was available on Netflix Instant Streaming, Young Justice's executive producer hinted that the show could see new life if there were enough interest.

Weisman clarified in subsequent tweets that while Warner Bros (or Netflix) hadn't expressed interest in a third season, a strong showing on Netflix could motivate WB into action on a potential third season.

Debuting in 2010, Young Justice became a popular cartoon among DC fans for its nuanced storytelling and unique interpretation of the DC Universe. Focusing on Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash and other teen sidekicks, the series spent as much time on the characters' personal lives and internal conflict as it did their battles with supervillains. Young Justice jumped forward five years at the beginning of the second season, giving the show a generational aspect and bringing in even more fan favorite characters. While Young Justice had a devoted and diverse fan following, Cartoon Network cancelled the show after two seasons, despite several unresolved storylines and a major character death in its season finale.

While Paul Dini, a former producer best known for his DC carton adaptations, claimed Young Justice (and other series) had been cancelled due to its large female viewership, Weisman has since clarified that Cartoon Network cancelled the show due to the failure of a Young Justice toy line. Fans previously tried to bring Young Justice back via a crowdfunding campaign, but Warner Bros. stated that they were not interested in the funds.

Young Justice is currently available to view on Netflix Instant Streaming, and the full show is also available on Blu-Ray.