'Heroes' Review: 'Hysterical Blindness'

Last week, 'Heroes' slowed down the story and focused on many of the main characters. This week, [...]

Last week, 'Heroes' slowed down the story and focused on many of the main characters. This week, it picks back up the pace with 'Hysterical Blindness.' A quick recap, followed by our comments. Sylar, fresh out of the ground, gets arrested. He has amnesia, and he's a mess. The cops bring in a psychologist to help, and she settles down Sylar. When the fingerprint check comes back showing that Sylar is Gabriel, a man who murdered his mother, the cops come down hard. Sylar, frightened, instinctively uses a power (though he doesn't know exactly who he is) and blasts the officer through the window and escapes. He jumps in the car and forces the doctor to drive. Down the road, she stops and offers up her car. Meanwhile, the cops have caught up. Sylar's hand does the electricity thing, and he gets shot 4 times by the police. He falls down a hill, lifts up his shirt, and we see the bullets pop out of his body. Sylar takes off and heads over a hill toward some bright lights, where--wait for it--Samuel and the Carnies are waiting for him. Peter is trying to become a better person--become more attached to the people around him. He invites his mother over, but she's too focused on Nathan. Angela knows something is wrong with Nathan. Later, Peter saves Emma (deaf file clerk) from getting hit by a bus. He inadvertently picks up her power. Lhe pair realize that they both can see sounds, and Peter lets her in on the Heroes secret. Claire and her roommate Gretchen go through Sorority Rush, and Gretchen seems to be a bit stalker-ish. While in the dorm room by herself, a book falls off Gretchen's computer and Claire sees that Gretchen has pulled up Claire on the internet. Later, at a Sorority function, Claire is talking to a girl and notices a flag pole about to fall on them. She pushes the girl out of the way. Looking up, she sees Gretchen by herself. Back at the dorm room, Claire and Gretchen fight, and Gretchen admits she's been somewhat stalker-ish. Why? Because she has a crush on Claire. Gretchen quickly slips a kiss in, and a stunned Claire recovers quickly to answer a knock at the door. The Sorority President is there to offer both girls a bid to join their group. Later, we find out that the president is related to Samuel, king of the Carnies. She's supposed to drive Claire away from a regular life and push her toward the Carnies. It turns out that the president's power is invisibility. SHE is the one that killed Claire's first roommate, dropped the flag at the sorority function, and made the book fall off the computer so Claire would discover she had been Googled. What missed: Gretchen and the Kiss. Please tell us that there is more to Emma's character than a love interest. Otherwise, it's time to kill her off. We're sorry for ripping on the first roommate--she might not have been so bad after all. Peter and Emma. Time to get the flashing sound story moving. It's gotten boring already. What Worked: Sylar. Great performance by Zachary Quinto. It could have been easy for him to over-act as a suffering amnesiac, but Quinto played the part perfectly. Sylar and the Carnies. Oh, the possibilities here. There has been widespread speculation that this season will come down to Sylar leading the good guys and Samuel leading the bad guys. Seeing that Sylar thinks he knows who he is (or at least who he isn't) but really has no clue, this could get interesting. Will Sylar really dig deep and turn good? Samuel is bound to know Sylar's powers. Will Samuel try to mold Slyar into a powerful-yet-subdued/controlled Sylar? The Sorority President. We love the fact that someone is going to mess with Claire, because the former cheerleader hasn't done squat this season. Having an anti-Hero in the same sorority could produce some fireworks. Overall: Whereas last week we saw a lot of character development, this week pushed the storylines forward. It should be interesting to see how Sylar evolves over the next few weeks. This show is starting to get interesting again, and it couldn't have come at a better time.