It's The 50th Anniversary of Batman TV Show Premiere


On January 12, 1966, the first of around 360 "Holy" catchphrases were uttered by Robin. Yes, this is the anniversary of Batman, the 1966 phenomenon that made pointing out the obvious okay, as long as you said "Holy" first.

Of course, the series has had a much larger impact on pop culture than just those Robin quotes, and we're not just talking about the Batusi, the dance Batman used to save the day in the premiere episode. The series made Batman a household name, and helped launch him into the icon he is today. It also showed that Batman, as a character, works in virtually any context - he can be the dark, gritty character most frequently seen today, but he can also be campy, goofy, and fun.

Burt Ward took the occasion of the anniversary to chat with CNN, and his own wholesomeness comes through, showing how that translated into his take on Robin.

He didn't know, for example, that he was going to be in costume.

"I looked at the dialogue, and it said 'Bruce and Dick.' It could have been anybody," Ward said of his initial audition. "I put on this costume, and it's the most uncomfortable thing I've worn in my entire life."

When he saw the show for the first time, he thought, "Gee, this is really good." When he found out 52% of TVs in the U.S. were watching Batman during the premiere, he said that was "Pretty spectacular."

Ward and West are still "great friends today!" and he said they "got along great" the whole time.


Ultimately, the 50th anniversary just continues to show Ward and others the impact they had on people - and still do.

"I'll see a family come up, and when they get in front of me, the parents become like children again," he said.