Japan Hosts General Election for Pokemon

(Photo: The Pokemon Company)

As part of a promotional campaign for this summer's Volcanion and the Exquisite Magearna movie, the Pokemon Company has announced a general election...for Pokemon. Fans of the popular video game franchise can vote for their favorite Pokemon as part of "General Election 720". All 720 Pokemon currently found on the Pokedex are eligible for election, although Volcanion, the star of this summer's Pokemon movie, is not as it hasn't technically appeared in the Pokemon games yet.

Unlike normal Japanese popularity polls, General Election 720 is different as it asks fans to only vote for one Pokemon and the election will only list a single winner. Presumably, the election won't have any superdelegates, electoral colleges or other complicated rules to confuse the general populace from picking their favorite Pokemon. The event will only be held in Japan, so American fans will have to fly across the Pacific Ocean if they want a say in who should win.

Fans can vote for their favorite Pokemon beginning tomorrow April 16 through May 8. Fans can vote online, via mail, or by going to their local Pokemon Center (a Japanese retail store specializing in Pokemon merchandise) and filling out a physical election ballot. The Pokemon Company will announce the winner at a special event in Tokyo on June 8th and the winning Pokemon will be given to fans who purchase advance tickets to Volcanion and the Exquisite Magearna this summer.


(via CrunchyRoll)