Jason Momoa Will Reportedly Play Aquaman In Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice After All

Jason Momoa As Aquaman

There have been repeated rumors that Jason Momoa will be playing Aquaman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. There have also been repeated denials from Jason Momoa that he is playing any role in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

When ComicBook.com asked Momoa at the Motor City Comic Con if there was any truth to the rumors that he would be in the film, Momoa said, "What does everything tell you? No. Stop asking me. It's so annoying. Sorry, you're not annoying."

In fact, here's what Momoa told us specifically about the Aquaman rumors.

You know what, I think it started when people said 'What superhero would you play?' And I'd say Batman and Superman, they'd be awesome together. Then people were like, 'He's in Batman vs. Superman!' I'm like, I really like Lobo. 'HE'S LOBO!!' And then some asshole was like 'He's Aquaman!' And I'm like - what did you just call me? Where the f*** do you pull out Aquaman? Seriously.. And then it shows up on the internet. Not that it's a bad rumor.

As strong as a denial as Momoa issued about the Aquaman rumors, HitFix is now reporting that they can confirm that Momoa will actually be playing the part of Aquaman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice. In fact, HitFix is claiming that director Zack Snyder has already finalized his designs for the character, and Aquaman will emerge because he's angry about what the World Engine did to the Indian Ocean.