Joss Whedon Directing Marvel's Avengers Film

According to Variety, beloved writer/creator/director Joss Whedon has been named as the director of the geekily anticipated Avengers movie, which seeks to join iconic characters Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and Nick Fury together as Marvel's original super team! The Hulk should be making an appearance as well, and Whedon is no stranger to incorporating big personalities together under one umbrella, with his work as a writer on Astonishing X-Men and his famous work on TV series such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Dollhouse and Angel. Paramount will distribute the film, scheduled for a May, 2012 release. Whedon will also be allowed to do some reworking of the script for the film, originally written by Zak Penn. Hearts are already aflutter as to what this talented writer will bring to the legendary group of heroes assembled in this film!