Kevin Smith Meets Headless Hitchbot

Filmmaker Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy) got to meet the newly-famous Canadian hitchhiking robot named HitchBot.

Last weekend, the robot was decapitated while traveling through Philadelphia. It received zero love from the City of Brotherly Love. HitchBot had previously traveled cross-country through Canada, the Netherlands and Germany without any issues, but its American journey only lasted 300 miles and two-short-weeks.

HitchBot relied on the kindness of humans to take it from one place to the next as it doesn't move on its own. That's why it was such an easy target for a Philadelphian thug(s) to vandalize.

On Wednesday, the headless HitchBot made an appearance in Brooklyn, New York. Its unnamed rescuers were planning on sending HitchBot back to his Canadian creators, but before doing so they visited Kevin Smith, who was in the area for a screening of Mallrats.

Check out images of their meeting below.


(via gizmodo)

The sequel to Mallrats, titled Mallbrats, will begin filming later this year.