Marvel Announces Thor Tie-In to Avengers and Fantastic Four Crossover

Marvel’s next big event, Empyre, is taking shape, and Thor, the god of thunder, has a role to [...]

Marvel's next big event, Empyre, is taking shape, and Thor, the god of thunder, has a role to play. Marvel will publish the three-issue miniseries Empyre: Thor beginning in May. The series is written by Ram V (Justice League Dark, These Savage Shores) with artwork by Pasqual Ferry (Thor). The series finds Thor defending Midgard once again. This time, the fight is personal. Thor's birth mother, the goddess of nature Gaea, has taken ill, and it has something to do with the return of the Kree and the Skrulls to Earth. Thor must unravel the mystery, charting a new course for the gods of Asgard in the process.

"I jumped at the chance to write Thor's tie-in to the Empyre event," Ram V says. "He's one of those characters that's the perfect mix of all the things I enjoy. I get to blur sci-fi and fantasy genres. I get to play with world mythologies and I'll be taking Thor to unexpected places, facing off against exciting new threats. All of that with glorious art from Pasqual Ferry whose work has been nothing short of iconic! I think fans are going to see some thunder and lightning like they've never seen before. And I'm thrilled it's tying into the big summer event at Marvel. It's brilliant working in that sandbox, weaving Thor's story in with those from the other brilliant creators involved!"

Empyre is a Marvel Universe space opera written by Al Ewing and Dan Slott and featuring art by Valerio Schiti. Borne out of the classic Marvel stories "The Kree-Skrull War," "The Celestial Madonna Saga," and the origin of the Young Avengers, the event sees the Avengers and the Fantastic Four going up against the Kree and the Skrulls, who are now united under a single, new emperor. Marvel previously announced an X-Men tie-in to the event.

Empyre Thor
(Photo: Marvel)

Are you excited about Thor's role in Empyre? Let us know in the comments. Empyre: Thor #1 goes on sale in May.

Written by RAM V.
Art and Cover by PASQUAL FERRY


The Earth is under attack — and for Thor, the fight is personal! Gaea, goddess of nature and Thor's birth mother, has fallen ill…and it has something to do with the reason the Kree and Skrull are here! The journey to save her — and all Midgard — will expand the Asgardian pantheon in a whole new direction! Critically acclaimed writer Ram V. (These Savage Shores, Justice League Dark) and fan-favorite artist Pasqual Ferry take Thor to the ends of the Earth!