Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Midseason Premiere Sneak Preview


How do you top the winter finale? Not sure, but Marvel's Agents of SHIELD will give it try when the show returns in March. To hold you over until then, Marvel debuted a new promo for midseason premiere during Agent Carter.

In it, you can see Agent Skye (Chloe Bennet), or should I say Daisy Johnson, aka Quake? Doesn't matter, you get the point. After she experienced that brilliant transformation she is clearly struggling to cope with her new powers. "There is something very wrong with me," Sky professes. Eh, I'm sure she'll be fine. Hang in there kid.

Aftershock - It was the winter finale with one of the most shocking TV moments of the year. This March, the one team member they've finally learned to trust, now has a devastating secret.


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns Tuesday March 3rd on ABC!