Michael Showalter Compares Wet Hot American Summer To A Comic Book

With Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp just launched on Netflix, writer and star Michael Showalter said he sees plenty of room for more sequels because the cult-hit comedy is like a comic book series.

...Say what?

Showalter told Entertainment Weekly there's "always more story" and compared the counselors at Camp Firewood to the Archie or Peanuts gangs.

"My personal feeling about these characters and this world is that it has kind of a comic book quality to it, where there is always another story to tell. I've always felt like there is no shortage of fun stories we could tell about these characters. And if that translates into more seasons, then sure, that'd be great. I often think of them as Archie and his gang or the Peanuts or something like that. It's this crazy, fun group of kids and all of them are archetypal, yet in their own way, and I would love to keep telling stories about them, for sure."


Of course, the comic book feel of the universe shouldn't be much of a surprise, considering that the series stars Ant-Man, Rocket Raccoon and Sterling Archer...!