Multiple Death Scenes Rumored To Have Been Shot For Captain America: Civil War


With Captain America: Civil War a handful of months away from coming out, rumors are circulating that the body count will the highest yet, regarding main characters who bite the bullet.

So, big spoiler warning coming ahead.



So Joe from That Hashtag Show recently revealed that several death scenes were shot, in addition to Steve Rogers' and of course Peggy Carter's funeral scene.

These scenes involved Falcon, War Machine, and Scarlet Witch.

Now, it's possible one, or all could be red herrings much like the multiple death scenes filmed for Age of Ultron where it was either Hawkeye or Quicksilver falling in battle, with the latter actually happening. So it doesn't necessarily mean that we lose all three Avengers this time around, but the guys over at the Show mention that one will definitely die, one will be injured, and one is absolutely used for misdirection.


While Joe speculates that it will be Wanda who dies, Elizabeth Olsen herself isn't completely sure she'll be around for Avengers: Infinity War. Of course, that could be misdirection as well.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6th.