Multiversal March Madness: Marvel Zombies Vs. A-Force

ComicBook.Com’s Multiversal March Madness continues! Though DC and Marvel Comics are breaking [...]


ComicBook.Com's Multiversal March Madness continues! Though DC and Marvel Comics are breaking the piggy bank on their endless realities with events Convergence and Secret Wars later this spring, the bracket fever from the NCAA March Madness has our minds stuck on the tournament style crossover event. 

Like we explained in our opening post (where you can vote on different battles), we're leaving to you to choose the winners in our own cross-company tournament. We're in throwing in a nifty secret prize for the players with a winning bracket. But enough chit-chat. It's time to get in the super-powered paint with the first round's combatants. 

Arcadia Vs. The Deadlands


Stats: In a remote part of Battleworld, there exists an island that is protected by A-Force, an all-female Avengers roster. A powerhouse who's who of Marvel heroes, the A-Force boasts She-Hulk, Medusa, Storm, and even Phoenix. Phoenix alone is capable of destroying planets, but imagine that teamed up with a league of heavy hitters right behind her. It is truly a "force" to reckon with. 

Advantage: Strength in numbers. Plus, a combination punch from Valkyrie and She-Hulk is a two-hitter quitter. 

Disadvantage: The team's chemistry, with possibly "too many cooks," could lead to disorganization and strained teamwork.  

The Deadlands

Stats: The Deadlands, a.k.a the Zombieverse, are Battleworld's zombie-inhabited region. . Zombified versions of Giant-Man, Wasp, Col. America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, and Silver Surfer shouldn't have much a problem tackling any opponent since, you know, they're undead and all.

Advantage: Somewhat difficult to kill. Even if you decapitate somebody, their heads remain sentient. And with every character they bite, they add to their ranks thanks to the zombie virus.

Disadvantage: Thinking with their stomaches instead of their brains (or lack thereof) the Marvel Zombies are not the most loyal to each other. And when the Hunger sets in, they could grow lethargic and distracted.

Who are you hungry to see move forward: The Marvel Zombies, or A-Force? Decide in the poll below!