New Book Details Old Super Hero Games & Their Disregard For Source Material

wrong-game-bookComplaining about the minutia people get wrong when adapting superhero comics to other media isn't as new as you might think. It's been going on for at least twenty years, as a new book available for free on your Kindle or Kindle app will demonstrate.

This weekend, Chris Baker and Matthew' Waite's Wrong!:Retro Games, You Messed Up Our Comic Book Heroes!: Awesomely Nerdy Nitpicks on Nearly 80 Games is available for free on Amazon as an ebook.

The game picks apart old superhero videogames from the 16-bit era and older, poking fun at not just the notoriously awful, like Sega's Superman game, but some others that were maybe pretty fun but had nothing to do with the character whose name appears on the front of the cartridge.

It's definitely worth checking out; you can pick up a copy, or preview some free pages, at the link above.