New Mythical Pokemon Volcanion Revealed


There's a new entry to the National Pokedex. Nintendo officially announced its 721st Pokemon, Volcanion, in a video this morning. While the video was scarce on details, Volcanion is the first ever Fire/Water duel type and is being called the "Steam Pokemon" for its ability to self-generate devastating amounts of steam.

The official Pokemon website offered some additional details about the new Pokemon, including that the ring-like protrusion on its back are arms that generate both steam and shock waves. Volcanion is powerful enough to level entire mountains on its own, presumably using its signature move "Steam Eruption".


While some Pokemon fans have known about Volcanion for a while (thanks to data miners searching through the Pokemon X and Pokemon Y game files), this is the first time Nintendo has officially confirmed the Pokemon's existence. According to the Japanese magazine CoroCoro, the Pokemon will be featured in the upcoming nineteenth Pokemon anime movie. Nintendo didn't give any additional details about when or how the Pokemon will be distributed, but the new Mythical Pokemon's release will surely be part of the franchise's upcoming 20th anniversary.