New Pokemon Totally Looks Like Donald Trump


Earlier today, Nintendo revealed Yungoos, a new Pokemon that will appear in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The little rodent Pokemon is meant to resemble a mongoose, but many on the Internet have discovered that he resembles a certain presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

That's right, it looks like Donald Trump has his very own Pokemon. With its permanent scowl and its oddly colored hairpiece, Yungoos is a dead ringer for the businessman turned politician. This isn't the first time that Trump has been compared to a Pokemon this election season. Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch previously posted a picture of Trump as Muk, a purple sludge monster.


However, Trump might not appreciate the comparison to the angry little rodent. According to the Pokemon Company, Yungoos isn't a native Alola region Pokemon, but an illegal immigrant to the island region. Yungoos was brought into deal with an infestation of another Pokemon (mimicing Hawaiians bringing mongooses to the islands to deal with a rat problem) and quickly became a problem themselves. Although Yungoos is known as the Loitering Pokemon, time will tell if he can make the Alola region great again.