Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor Was Music Consultant On Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer

Batman: Arkham Knight’s recent “Be The Batman” trailer was pretty hardcore, right?Well, we [...]

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Batman: Arkham Knight's recent "Be The Batman" trailer was pretty hardcore, right?

Well, we can credit much of that trailer's visceral excitement to musician Trent Reznor, from Nine Inch Nails. Reznor, who leads the industrial rock band, was just credited as an official musical consultant for Rocksteady's live-action trailer. As some may have noticed, the thrashing tunes that accompanied the trailer were officially cited as Nine Inch Nails' song "The Wretched." Sounds like a suitable song title for Gotham City.

But Reznor's Arkham Knight work is far from his first video game project. Reznor previously wrote the theme song for Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and Nine Inch Nails provided the soundtrack for Darkness II.

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Batman: Arkham Knight hits consoles the PC on June 23.

Via Consequence of Sound.