Nintendo Announces Pokemon Sun And Moon For 20th Anniversary

It's the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, and Nintendo is celebrating in style. Yesterday, we reported on trademark filings for both titles and today the Pokemon Company made it official during a Nintendo Direct live stream.

Today also marks the actual release for the original Pokemon games (Red & Green) in Japan and has been dubbed "Pokemon Day." With a new game being announced, and the original Red, Blue & Yellow games coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual console, fans have been eagerly excited to see what's next for everyone's favorite pocket monsters. During the presentation, they also revealed that Pokemon from the original games will be able to be traded into Sun & Moon. A huge move for the company since for the longest time, the original 151 were trapped beyond a certain point.

The game will be released worldwide this holiday season.

So what do you think readers? Are you ready to catch them all?