Once Upon A Time Season 6 Adds Aladdin And Jafar

A bit of Agrabah is coming to Once Upon A Time in season six.The popular show that reinterprets [...]

A bit of Agrabah is coming to Once Upon A Time in season six.

The popular show that reinterprets your favorite fairy tales debuted the first scene of the upcoming season at San Diego Comic-Con, and it featured none other than Aladdin and Jafar (via Deadline).

Aladdin Jafar
(Photo: ABC)

The scene consists of a messenger being chased by Jafar, who is giving chase on a flying carpet. Once the messenger gets to his destination, the location of the savior, he meets a shell of a man instead. Jafar catches up, and then meets face to face with an Aladdin that has seen better days. Jafar is being played by Oded Fehr (Covert Affairs, The Mummy Franchise) and Aladdin being played by Deniz Akdeniz (Graceland). The two characters join other new additions such as Morpheus (Giles Matthey) and The Count of Monte Cristo, played by Craig Horner. No word on if other characters from Aladdin will make their debut alongside.

After the opening scene, which you can view above, Executive Producer Edward Kitsis discussed their plans for the upcoming season and swore that it will not follow the formulaic pattern of seasons past.

"It's not going to be 'Hyde comes to town, we fight with him for 10 episodes, and then in the winter finale he dies, we move on.' We kind of changed around what we're doing this year… going back to that season 1 mentality, with small town stories and smaller arcs. We're planning a 22-episode story, as opposed to just kind of breaking it up into 2 parts."

Once Upon A Time returns to ABC September 25th.