Plaid Hat Games Announces Rob Daviau's Legacy Game, SeaFall

Seafall Header
(Photo: Plaid Hat Games)

Plaid Hat Games (Mice & Mystics, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn) have announced a new title from revered game designer Rob Daviau.

The new title is SeaFall, a Legacy board game that changes each time you play. Daviau has previously worked on both Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy Season 1. For those who are unfamiliar with the genre, a Legacy game is one in which the changes occur to the physical game itself. You might have to draw on part of the board or throw a card out completely, all resulting in permanent changes to the game that will be felt in future playthroughs.

Seafall Game Setup copy
(Photo: Plaid Hat Games)

SeaFall puts you in the boots of a ship's commander and gives you a wealth of options to attain wealth and fame. You'll explore undiscovered islands, search for ancient civilizations, and hunt for treasure as you attempt to make a name for yourself throughout the high seas.


Pre-orders for the game are live now, with the game expected to ship later this year. Some physical copies will also be available at Gen Con for the regular retail price of $79.99.