Pokemon GO is Coming to Comic-Con


In less than two weeks, hundreds of thousands of people will descend on San Diego for Comic-Con International, one of the largest comics, television and movie conventions in the world. If they can get a solid Internet connection, many of those people will be playing Pokemon GO, the world's hottest mobile app, as they travel through the convention. Pokemon GO fans at SDCC will also have a chance to pick the brain of Niantic Labs founder John Hanke, who helped develop the popular augmented reality game.

Hanke will appear at the "Re-Imagining Reality: Bringing Games into the Real World with Ingress and Pokemon GO" program on Thursday evening. According to Comic-Con International's website, Hanke will "will examine the past, present and future of extending games beyond the screen and re-imagining reality through the lens of Ingress and Pokémon GO."

The program will start on Thursday afternoon at 5 PM in room Room 25ABC. Due to the popularity of Pokemon GO, the panel will probably be packed, so be sure to get there early. Who knows, you might even catch a rare Pokemon while meeting one of the developers of Pokemon GO.


Pokemon GO is available in the US, Australia and New Zealand.