Pokemon: Mythical Mew Distribution Begins Today


Pokemon trainers will be able to grab Mew for the first time in over five years. Nintendo will begin distributing the mythical Pokemon via select retailers beginning on Monday, February 1. In the United States, codes will be distributed at GameStop with a limit of one per customer.

Mew was the original mythical Pokemon and the first to be distributed via a special event. While Mew was mentioned several times in the original Pokemon Red/Blue game, Nintendo didn't make the Pokemon available to US trainers until nearly a full year after the game was released. The Pokemon has only been periodically made available to trainers, with the last distribution occurring in 2010.

Nintendo wasn't even initially aware of Mew's existence in Pokemon Red/Blue. Game designer Shigeki Morimoto added the Pokemon just two weeks before finishing the original game coding. Despite its last minute inclusion, Mew was the first Pokemon to be trademarked and played a significant role in the early mythology of the game. Team Rocket used Mew's tissue to create Mewtwo, the powerful artificial Pokemon that acted as an "endgame" boss of sorts in the Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. Mew is one of the few Pokemon that can learn any TM and HM move.

Mew is the first of 10 Mythical Pokemon that will be distributed in celebration of Pokemon's 20th anniversary. The Pokemon will be available through February 24 in the US.