Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Legendary Names Revealed?


Some eagle-eyed Internet sleuths might have discovered the names of the newest legendary Pokemon. Last night, a Reddit user discovered that trademarks were filed for "Solgaleo" and "Lunaala" by an IP lawyer in Japan. Although the names weren't filed by Nintendo, Game Freak, or the Pokemon Company, some are still speculating the names could be linked to Pokemon, largely because they contain "Sol" and "Luna", the Spanish names for sun and moon and have the general format of Pokemon's other formats. Some are speculating that the names could be confirmation that the Pokemon Company will introduce a new region based on Spain, although there's plenty of other languages with similar words for sun and moon.

While it's still far from certain, this wouldn't be the first time the Pokemon Company filed trademarks using a private IP lawyer. The Pokemon Company filed similar trademarks for the names "Delphox" and "Meowstic" prior to the release of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, which both turned out to be new Pokemon in the games.


The Japanese magazine CoroCoro promised Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon news last month, but their big reveal turned out to be obscured images of the cover art for the two games. It's expected that the Pokemon Company will reveal the box art (which almost always contain an image of the game's Legendary Pokemon) in May.