Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon Trademark Filings Discovered

A new generation of Pokemon might be coming sooner than expected. Trademark filings for [...]

Pokemon Sun and Moon

A new generation of Pokemon might be coming sooner than expected. Trademark filings for "Pokemon Sun" and "Pokemon Moon" were found on the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market's (OAMI) website this morning, a day before the Pokemon Company makes a major announcement via a Pokemon Direct video. The filings, first reported by Nerd Leaks, appear to be legitimate and indicate that Nintendo's next Pokemon game will be totally unrelated from 2013's Pokemon X/Y.

Fans have speculated for months about the next Pokemon game, which is expected to be released sometime in 2016 during Pokemon's 20th anniversary celebration. The long running Pokemon anime recently switched titles from Pokemon XY to Pokemon XY & Z, hinting that the next Pokemon game would be a third game set in the Kalos region with a focus on Zygarde, a serpentine legendary Pokemon. Recent reveals showcasing new forms for Zygarde seemed to confirm this speculation, but Nintendo threw fans for a loop on Valentine's Day with the announcement of a Magearna, a brand new Pokemon that wasn't included in Generation VI's game data. Magearna will appear in the next Pokemon movie along with Volcanion, the final Pokemon in Generation VI's Pokedex.

Tomorrow morning's Pokemon Direct will launch the beginning of "Pokemon Day", a celebration of the actual release date for the original Pokemon Red/Green games in Japan. Nintendo will release Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow for the 3DS Virtual Console and stores such as Toys R Us and Gamestop have giveaways planned to celebrate. Nintendo will also release Pokken Tournament, a Tekken-style fighting game, andPokemon Go, a mobile "virtual reality" game that allows fans to catch Pokemon in the real world, later this year.

Stay tuned to ComicBook.com for whether tomorrow's announcement is Pokemon Sun/Moon, Pokemon Z or something totally unexpected.

via Nerd Leaks