Ralph Fiennes Would Play Voldemort Again

When you think of iconic villains in pop culture, a few names always come to mind. Darth Vader. [...]

When you think of iconic villains in pop culture, a few names always come to mind. Darth Vader. The Joker. Hannibal Lector. Even JK Rowling's Lord Voldemort has made his way onto the prestigious list. The character debuted under the author's creative hand, and millions of fans have since come to despise the flat-nosed monster after Ralph Fiennes played him in the movies. It's been more than five years since the British actor slipped into his wizarding robes, but it doesn't appear as if Voldemort's appeal has gone dry.

Apparently, it seems that Fiennes would be willing to play the dark wizard if the opportunity arose.

In a recent interview with the Evening Standard, the actor talked about his history of villainous roles and said he felt possessive of Voldemort. Fiennes said he was pretty done with playing baddies since there are plenty already on his resume.

"You have to go to weird places in your head and — well you can never say never — but after an SS commandant, a serial killer in Red Dragon and Voldemort [in Harry Potter], I decided I didn't want to be that definition of evil any more. If you play those parts, I feel you have to put your head in the place of that person. And it f**ks with your head."

However, the actor then admitted he could be persuaded to revisit the wizarding world if requested. "Voldemort came round again, I would feel possessive... protective. I would like to not let that go," he confessed.

If you are not familiar with Voldemort, then you should know the guy is one twisted fellow. The man, who was born Tom Marvolo Riddle, is someone who firmly believes in caste systems. In Harry Potter, Voldemort's main goal is to subjugate Muggles and make them pay for oppressing wizards. Even magical folk are not free from his persecution as Voldemort has an obsession with pure-blooded wizards. The villain's willingness to commit genocide and lift one race over another has prompted him to be compared to the likes of Adolf Hitler. And, for most fans, you can't get more diabolical than that.

(Photo: Warner Bros. Pictures )

Sadly, there don't seem to be any immediate plans for Voldemort to make an on-screen comeback - or is there? With Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them now in theaters, fans have learned the new spin-off series will be set between 1926-1945. Potterheads will know that timeline covers everything from Voldemort's birth to his Hogwarts graduation, so fans may yet see a younger version of the villain.

Who knows? CGI is pretty good these days; They might just be able to finagle Fiennes into the films if need be.