Rare Comic Books Save Ice Cream Shop On Strange Inheritance

On tonight's episode of 'Strange Inheritance,' which airs on FOX Business Network, find out how [...]


On tonight's episode of "Strange Inheritance," which airs on FOX Business Network, find out how superheroes saved a New Jersey landmark after Hurricane Sandy.

Salty's ice cream parlor in Lavallette, owned by Brick and Britta Wenzel, was wrecked by hurricane Sandy in October of 2012. The Wenzels feared that they wouldn't be able to afford repairs as they didn't have flood insurance because premiums had become too expensive.

Luckily for the Wenzels, Brick's grandfather had put together a 1,200 comic book collection, which they discovered years ago. Vincent Zurzolo of Metropolis Collectibles helped the Wenzels auction the comic books. They were able to raise $300,000. That sum allowed them to begin to rebuild their business.

"Definitely the condition of these comic books (surprised me), given how much was lost by this family when the storm hit," Jamie Colby the host of "Strange Inheritance" said. "The fact that it sat in the attic, that there were so many valuable comics and that the family needed the funds so desperately was most compelling. I'm not sure some divine intervention wasn't at play."

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