Red Hood Fan Series Turns To Kickstarter For Support


Jason Todd wasn't well liked when he was merely Batman's sidekick -- the second Robin -- but when he was brought back from the dead -- a dip in the magical Lazarus Pit -- and took on the Red Hood persona he became an instant fan-favorite.

You have to figure at some point Warner Bros. will cash in on his popularity by including him in their DC Cinematic Universe or giving him his own television series, but at this time there are no plans for either -- that we know of. But now fans could get a steady diet of Red Hood if this newly-proposed web series receives enough support via a Kickstarter campaign.

"Red Hood Retcon is a Non-Profit mini series about Jason Todd," its Kickstarter page explains. "Red Hood abandons the Outlaws and disappears. A year and a half later Batman vanishes from Gotham city without a trace. Six months after Batman's disappearance Jason returns to Gotham City to investigate. Jason discovers big time assassins are being called in by a mysterious employer. Jason starts pursuing possible angles about Batman which leads him to Deadshot, one of the assassins that has been spotted in the city. Jason uncovers a difficult truth about a close friend and starts investigating these claims. Roy Harper (formerly of the Outlaws) joins once again with Red Hood and together they fight there way to the truth."

Below, you can check out the announcement video for Red Hood Retcon.

Red Hood Retcon needs at least $20,000 by the first of next month to reach its goal. So far, it has received $1,115 from 27 backers. If you'd like to back this Red Hood fan-made web series, click here!