Secret Invasion Infiltration Tells A Story Five Years In The Making

What’s going to happen in Secret Invasion: Infiltration, which kicked off in New Avengers #31 [...]

What's going to happen in Secret Invasion: Infiltration, which kicked off in New Avengers #31 when Elektra was revealed as a Skrull? According to Marvel Marketing Manager Jim McCann, there will be a number of Skrull reveals in the upcoming months leading up to the invasion. McCann added that Marvel would let people know something big is happening in certain books, but it's not always going to be promoted as a Skrull reveal and might take fans by surprise. The invasion itself will quite literally start with a bang. Unlike with Civil War where the fighting didn't really get started until issue two or three, McCann promises that with Secret Invasion: Infiltration the fighting starts on page one. McCann said "There are multiple Skrull reveals in the first issue alone of Secret Invasion." McCann explained that Secret Invasion: Infiltration isn't being done to undo anyone's storylines. "We've been planning this for about five years," said McCann. In regard to who may or who may not be a Skrull, McCann said "There are three people who are not Skrulls. Steve Rogers was not a Skrull, Tony Stark is not a Skrull, and Peter Parker is not a Skrull. Beyond that, everyone in the Marvel Universe is up for scrutiny. Because this is a story we have been plotting for so long, we know when these Skrull placements have taken place, and there are some very interesting things that will be happening." For everyone who has been asking what the villains have been up to lately, McCann said "The Hood has been putting them through their paces, and they are getting organized right at the worst possible time for our heroes, and being villains they will use this situation to their fullest advantage." McCann pointed out that while Civil War involved the U.S. and a bunch of New York based superheroes that Secret Invasion: Infiltration involves the entire world. McCann also added that the series would have fans going back and checking out their back issues. One series that McCann directed fans to go back and re-read was the Secret War limited series written by Brian Michael Bendis and painted by Gabrielle Dell'Otto. McCann said to pay attention to the long dialogues in the book. McCann said that some fans might have thought someone was acting out of character and just blamed it on the writer not knowing how to write the character. However, McCann pointed out that "Sometimes a duck isn't always a duck. Sometimes a duck is a Skrull."