Smallville Season 11 to Drop Stephanie Brown?

According to rumors making the rounds at San Diego Comic-Con International, Bleeding Cool reports that fan-favorite character Stephanie Brown will not appear in Smallville after all, and rather will be replaced by Barbara Gordon, the character who took over her title following the New 52 relaunch. Brown is better known as Spoiler, Robin or Batgirl, but slated to be Nightwing in Smallville Season 11. Now the story claims Barbara Gordon will be Nightwing instead, with art and dialogue altered to accommodate the change. Presumably that includes changing hair color, since Barbara Gordon has traditionally been depicted as a redhead. "Bruce can be somewhat of an angry man," series writer Bryan Q. Miller told TV Guide when Brown was announced in the title. "Stephanie's personality is so can-do and unsinkable and bright, so it's very much on purpose on Bruce's part that he has a good cop going out on patrol with him every night."