Sony And Marvel's Spider-Man Deal Reportedly Still Alive

While the recent hack into Sony Pictures revealed that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures tried, [...]

spider-man and the avengers

While the recent hack into Sony Pictures revealed that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures tried, then failed, to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a new report claims that the deal might not be so dead.

According to the Latino-Review, Sony may be reconsidering their position with Marvel Studios and Spider-Man, in light of the attention that the hacking debacle has placed on them.

Firstly, Latino-Review's report debunks the deal that The Wall Street Journal reported on from the Sony Hacks, saying that another deal actually took place. While The Wall Street Journal suggested that Sony Pictures and Marvel would have collaborated on a Marvel-produced Spider-Man trilogy that Sony marketed, distributed, and "retained creative control" over, such discussions apparently never happened.

Instead, Marvel and Sony were trying to negotiate a co-production effort where Marvel would pay sixty percent of production costs and Sony would pay forty. In exchange, Marvel would reclaim creative control over Spider-Man and allow him to cross into other Marvel movies like Captain America: Civil War.

Now that the broken deal has been revealed to Sony Pictures' parents, Sony, Latino-Review's sources say that the higher higher ups think that a partnership is still possible. Whatever breakdown that came between Sony Pictures and Marvel is now "mostly moot" to Sony. Big Sony is none-too pleased with Sony Pictures' leaked plans for the Spider-Man franchise, and is now thinking that instead of gambling with a franchise that could embarrass the company, it might be easier to jump ship to Marvel and cut their losses.

As Latino-Review notes, Sony's main concern is producing "quality" films. Marvel has been doing a much better job at doing that than Sony Pictures, leading Sony to believe relinquishing a cinematic Spider-Man to steadier hands is worth the creative and financial sacrifice.

So, who knows? Viewers may yet see Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. Stay tuned to as the story progresses.