Stephen Amell Says He Has Arguably the Best Gig in DC Entertainment


A lot gets said in the media about DC Entertainment and their separation of TV and Film. Some think it's the worst possible scenario, citing Marvel's shared universe across platforms as the way to go. Some think it's the best, allowing each to live on their own, and not have to force creative decisions on one or the other.

For actor Stephen Amell, the star of The CW's Arrow, and others in the DC TV family, it can be a difficult subject to talk about - not because of any specific feelings one way or another, but merely because it's so easy for things to be misinterpreted or taken out of context in the modern era of communication.

"There are times when it's challenging," Amell said of his very public presence on social media during an exclusive interview with at Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in New Jersey. "I'm very forthcoming, and a lot of times things that I would say in the basic course of conversation, it's news. I will never get used to that! Anytime I comment on DC TV, DC Movies, I might just be having a passing conversation about it, but it's headline stuff."

That was the case for his counterpart on The Flash, Grant Gustin. Thanks to a few errant likes on twitter - not even anything he actually said - people misinterpreted him as going against the film version's Flash, Ezra Miller. His actual statements are precisely to the contrary, something he had to follow-up and reiterate.

"I read a tweet that Grant Gustin sent out recently, and he was basically saying, 'Guys, I'm not bashing Ezra Miller!'" Amell said. "And he's not!" The problem stems from people thinking that one medium or the other is inherently better, it seems.

"There's a perceived jealousy and wanting as it pertains to the DC television universe compared to the DC cinematic universe, and it's super peculiar," he continued. "Because I happen to think that I have, arguably, the best gig in all of DC [Entertainment]. I'm playing the superhero within the DC Universe that's been around the longest! Unless [Christian] Bale wants to come back and play Earth-2 Batman or something, I've got the tenure belt right now!"

Ultimately, Amell's advice is to forgive and forget in cases like this, and focus on the positive.

"You never get anywhere holding grudges. It's a lot of work holding a grudge."