Suicide Squad: Will Smith & Margot Robbie Discuss Rick Flagg Vacancy

Filming for David Ayer's Suicide Squad will begin soon, but as of right now Warner Bros. still [...]


Filming for David Ayer's Suicide Squad will begin soon, but as of right now Warner Bros. still hasn't found an actor to take on the role of Rick Flagg, the leader of Amanda Waller's team of villains-turned-heroes. Tom Hardy was penciled in, but dropped out and since then Jake Gyllenhaal was considering it but passed. 

Two Suicide Squad cast members, Will Smith ('Deadshot') and Margot Robbie ('Harley Quinn'), are doing press for their new movie Focus, and in an interview they addressed the Rick Flagg vacancy. "We've still got to get it right," Will Smith told USA TODAY.

"This happens all the time," Margot Robbie chimed in. "People act like, 'Oh my god, the movie must be ending!' It's just the deal with movies." Not to mention "a lot of the characters haven't been portrayed before so it's a pretty big undertaking," Robbie added. "And it's a big undertaking for the people who are going to play the characters who have been played, like the Joker (to be played by Jared Leto). It's big shoes to fill."

Smith has a few reasons why the role is so hard to fill. He thinks the first factor is that David Ayer turned in his script just before Christmas and that can cause havoc in Hollywood. "What happens is Hollywood shuts down," Smith said. "But he was still working and he wanted to (start shooting) April 13th. So it takes a couple weeks to gear back up at the top of the year and people have taken (other) movies. He's moving really quickly."

Now that they both are playing comic book movie roles it is expected that they will have to get into impossibly great shape to look the part. Smith has begun working out to prepare. "Oh god yes," Smith said. "I started before Christmas. No carbs on Christmas! It was terrible." Smith needs to get his body in peak physical condition. That is in contrast to Robbie, who needs to pack on some pounds. "Oh, I ate everything on Christmas," Robbie laughed. "I'm not strong though. To do all your own stunts you have to be so strong."

Suicide Squad will land in theaters Aug. 5, 2016.