Sunday Comics Remember 9/11

Spider-Man Cartoon 9/11

As today is the tenth anniversary of one of the most tragic days in American history, cartoonists have organized to pay tribute to those who lost their lives or were injured during the 9/11 attacks. In today’s Sunday Comics newspaper section, many comic strips have included some type of remembrance message.

In all, nearly 100 comic strips are participating in a display of solidarity and remembrance. While the idea of such a solemn event being included in comic strips might be controversial for some, the cartoonists involved have handled it in a very tasteful and touching way.

Many of the comic strips are focusing either on the importance of spending time with loved ones, remembering those who died, or paying tribute to the heroes involved in rescue efforts. The website has a gallery of the comic strips participating in the September 11 remembrance.

The Amazing Spider-Man comic strip shows Spider-Man caught up in his own problems, when he suddenly realizes he is swinging near ground zero. Spider-Man recalls the thousands who died and those who gave their lives in rescue efforts. Spider-Man realizes his own problems pale in comparison and that we're all in this fight together.

Some of the cartoonists participating are represented by King Features Syndicate, Creators Syndicate, Tribune Media Services, Universal Press Syndicate and Washington Post Writers Group. In addition to the newspaper tribute, King Features has partnered with several museums to host special tributes.