Survivorman Gets His Own Comic This Fall

Les Stroud, star of Survivorman, will be featured in his own comic book from Bluewater this [...]


Les Stroud, star of Survivorman, will be featured in his own comic book from Bluewater this fall--but it isn't the straightforward biography that you might expect when reading that sentence. Serving as a one-man camera crew, Stroud ventures to the far reaches of the world—from the desolate, frozen tundra of Arctic Canada to the barren, desert wastelands of the Australian Outback. This sort of isolation can be extremely trying and Stroud must remain calm at all times depend on his physical and mental strength. "So much of being Survivorman has turned out to be surreal and so very exciting for my life. The most exhilarating and fun result yet is being turned into a comic book super hero!!!  I absolutely love it!" said Stroud.


This fall, Survivorman: The Horn of Providence follows Les "Survivorman" Stroud as he is in hot pursuit of a stolen artifact from America's early history. Les battles the odds: getting lost at sea, roughing the English countryside, and showing an endless supply of rugged determination in his quest. The comic version of Survivorman was brought to life by writer Dusty McGowen, Brian Lucey and Matt Lesniewski provided the artwork. "I still can't believe I had such a great opportunity to work on this Survivorman project," said McGowen. "Darren G. Davis, President of Bluewater has assembled a passionate and creative team, and we look forward to ushering the Survivorman into comic book form. I love the show and hope that Les' fans will find plenty to like as this story continues." "Working on Survivorman has been very interesting," Lucey said. "This is my first comic book job and I have been learning a lot in terms of improving my skills as an artist. It has been hard work but I enjoy it!"