Target Commercial: Iron Man, Spider-Man, And Groot?

Target Iron Man

During The Big Bang Theory, we caught a glimpse of a Target holiday commercial, which featured a couple Marvel characters. There was Iron Man using a laser to cut wrapping paper, Groot wrapping up an iPad, and Spider-Man putting on the finishing touches with his webbing.

Target Groot

Wait a minute, Groot? Groot, as in Guardians of the Galaxy Groot, star of the upcoming movie from director James Gunn? Well, no, not actually. Even though we were getting excited that this might be a clever move by Marvel to start introducing the Guardians of the Galaxy into the mainstream, it turns out that tree like creature is actually one of the Skylanders Giants.

0commentsTarget Spider-Man

When we got a second viewing of the Target commercial in question, we freeze-framed on the bag that the heroes came to life from. In the bag is an Amazing Spider-Man Bluray, an Avengers Bluray, and a box of Skylanders Giants. The Skylanders Giant in question is named Tree Rex.

Target Tree Rex