The Flash Season 2 To Introduce Earth 2 Sooner Than People Might Expect

It seems like Flash viewers will get a taste of Earth 2 much sooner than they expected.

According to The Flash's executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, Barry Allen will travel to the eerily familiar Earth early on in The Flash's sophomore season. And just as The Flash had a fun-but- nuanced take on time travel in season one, Kreisberg ensured that the same would happen for Season Two's approach to parallel Earths.

"We're trying to do the same thing this year with Earth 2 and the concept of the multiverse and the concept of dopplegangers," Kreisberg told Entertainment Weekly. "We've been having a lot of fun with that and getting glimpses of Earth 2 probably sooner than people would've thought."

Are you ready for The Flash to explore the multiverse? What parallel Earths would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!


The Flash's second season premieres October 6 on The CW.