The Island Of Dr. Moreau TV Series In The Works

(Photo: New Line Cinema)

The newest adaptation of H.G. Wells' novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau, will be a TV series at CBS. The show, in development with Phillip Iscove (Sleepy Hollow), features the human-animal hybrids being created on an island, but with a new twist: Dr. Moreau is a woman in this version.

According to Deadline, "Dr. Katherine Moreau expands the boundaries of medicine through bold and revolutionary scientific experimentation and treatments in her privately funded island hospital." Also, she merges the DNA of humans and animals. Like you do.


The book has been adapted to film seven times (including the New Line Cinema version in 1996 pictured above), with an eighth film adaptation also under development with Warner Bros. If this version goes to series, it'll be Iscove's second 19th Century adaptation in a row.