The Magicians Episode 6: Impractical Applications Recap With Spoilers

Quentin is in a state of shock over the fact that Penny went to Fillory. He says Penny went to a [...]

The Magicians - Impractical Applications
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Quentin is in a state of shock over the fact that Penny went to Fillory. He says Penny went to a specific castle built by dwarves. Penny turns to leave, but Alice tells him he should listen to Quentin. Penny asks about the Beast, but Quentin says the Beasts wasn't in the books. Penny and Kady leave.

Julia goes back to the bar safe house, but the bartender acts as if he doesn't know her. She gets angry and storms out, but threatens them. Outside, the bartender tells her that Marina got to them. He gives her an address for another safe house to check out.

Kady tattoos the anchor tattoo on Penny's arm. She shows him one on her arm that gives her 20/20 vision in the dark. She opens upon her past, that her mom died young and that her dad is a kind of hippie. Penny says he still hears the girl in the dungeon, that he can't shut her out. He says the Beast hasn't been speaking to him.

Julia visits the new safe house. There's an eviction notice on the door. She's being followed by someone from the bar, but Julia turns around on her. The woman, Hannah, shows her star tattoos on her arm.

Quentin is reading a book when he hears a creaking door, but no one answers when he calls out. He checks out the noise and sees someone hurry through the halls of the Physical Kids Cottage. He captured by two figures wearing cloaks and masks with daggers, shouting something about a sacrifice.

He's taken outside, where the figures disrobe. Margo yells something about sacrificing a virgin, and then he's brought to stand with the rest of the first year students. Elliot unmasks and explains that the upper class will administer "the trials," testing their abilities to behave like magicians. Failure results in flunking out. The faculty have left on retreat, so there's no one to appeal to.

Alice tries to register with Margo, who explains that the Dean designed the trials, then hands her a card telling her she's part of Team Fistpunchers!

Quentin joins the "Horny Chupacabras," along with Penny. Eliot goes on about a secret society called the brethren who encrypted a set of spells to hide them from the church. Each team must descript and cast one of these spells by 9 a.m.

Hannah explains how hedge witches were in the old days to Julia. Julia asks what Hannah wants. She says Julia is the first she's seen who she believes can really "do things." She says she thinks they can help each other and shows her a spell on her phone. All she asks is that Julia does some with her.

The two go to a garage that Julia has set up as a safe house of her own. They cast a cold spell on glass and it shatters. Once they're out of spells Hannah offers to go on the road with Julia. Julia mentions that Marina got her memories back.

The Horny Chupacabras are struggling with their spell. Quentin believes they need to cheat. Penny agrees, but the third in the group doesn't want anything to do with it.

Julia and Hannah check out the defensive wards on Marina's safe house. Julia comes up with the idea to use a magical fish hook to grab Marina's filing cabinet. Hannah has an idea of who can help them.

Quentin asks Penny if he can read Alice's mind to figure out how to complete the spell. He says no, but he astral projects to copy her work instead. Eliot inspects their spell then lights the fire. He congratulates them on perfect execution, says he knows they cheated, then congratulates them again. The third member of their group disappears.

Julia and Hannah meet with Kady, Hannah's daughter. They all bicker, but Hannah says they're going to start their own safe house. Kady doesn't believe they can beat Marina. Julia shows Kady a protection spell that will turn their house invisible, but Kady doesn't belive it will work. Kady explains that Marina had to clean up Hannah's mess. Hannah wanted to steal something, but Hannah couldn't handle her magic under pressure and two people died. Now Kady has to steal stuff for Marina. She leaves and tells Hannah not to call her, taking the protection spell with her. Hannah tells Julia that Marina took Kady from her. Julia leaves, saying its better if she sees this through alone.

Kady brings the spell to Marina, lying to her and telling her that she found it in an old textbook. Marina asks about Professor March's work, but Kady says March won't take first year students.

Margo brings alcohol to Quentin, who is reading in his room. She tells him to celebrate. Quentin can't get over that Fillory is real and he can't go there. Margo says she loved those books. Eliot says the real thing isn't like the story and that the Beast came from there. She says that unless he was planning to go to Fillory he's torturing himself over a fairy tale. He agrees to join the party and takes a drink, but as soon as he stands up he passes out.

Quentin wakes up in the woods by a stream. Eliot is sitting at a made up tea table. He tells Quentin to fetch him a fish from the stream. He find a bow and arrow takes a shot, but misses. There's only the one arrow, and then Eliot disappears.

Kady is running through the woods with a butterfly net, while Alice is tying rope around trees. A horse gallops by behind Margo at a dinner table, She tells Penny to bring it to her.

Julia begins casting a spell in her safe house. Hannah interrupts her, saying she was going to blow herself up. Hannah tells Julia that her problem is that Hannah reminds her too much of herself. Hannah asks her to do the spell together.

Kady runs by Penny and he follows her. She starts crying and saying that she can't get kick out then hits him in the face. She says she needs Brakebills, that its life or death for her. She starts crying on his shoulder. She tells him she's supposed to catch a pheasant. He tells her about the horse and then says they should go get the other.

Penny gathers Kady, Alice, and Quentin to figure out how to catch their respective targets. They all trade weapons so that they each have the skills and tools to accomplish each other's goals. Later, Quentin returns with Penny's Horse, and Kady finishes the tree. Eliot and Margo appear and take them back to campus.

Eliot and Kady tell the first years they must expose their "upmost truth" to another adept.

Hannah and Julia perform the spell. Marina's safe house starts shaking. The file cabinet is pulled into Julia's safe house.

The next test involves a spell that requires them to tie a rope around them while nude. It will fall off when they "achieve transcendence." Penny and Kady put the markings on each other.

Julia and Hannah get the cabinet open, but there's only a note inside that says "nice try." Hannah begins seizuring and bleeding profusely and dies.

On the roof, Alice and Quentin begin undressing, with the aid of some alcohol. They paint the markings on each other and bind each other's hands. Quentin tells Alice about his history with institutionalization while. Penny and Kady trade secrets. He tells her to ask why he's nice to her. He tells her he's falling in love with her and his rope comes undone. Kady starts to leave, she tells her that she's a liar and that she's been using him the entire time and her ropes come undone. Penny writhes in pain.

Time runs out and Quentin and Alice are partially clothed and still bound. Alice confesses that she tries not to be the best because she's already so unpopular. She says she always holds back. Alice's rope comes free. Quentin tells Alice about how he always runs from things, like Julia said, and how despite having magic he's still this person that he hates. Quentin's ropes come free and he starts writhing in pain. He transforms into a goose and flies away into the night with the rest.