The Perfect Christmas Gift: A Mr. T Necktie


I was just recovering from the excitement of learning that A-Team and Rocky star Mr. T was back and starring in his own comic book, when I found out that a whole passel of Mr. T merchandise has become available. It's time to redo the Christmas list. Personally, I'm thinking about picking up a Mr. T necktie and wearing it to my next job interview. There's nothing that says senior management potential like a Mr. T necktie. Mr. T merchandise is available at on-demand merchandise manufacturer, Zazzle. The merchandise is being made available through a deal with British publisher Mohawk Media, the same company that is producing the Mr. T graphic novel. The products include Mr. T posters, mouse pads, key rings, mugs, real US postage stamps, and yes, even a "T-Tie." The design of the Mr. T products was overseen by Mr. T graphic novel author, Christopher Bunting. "The craftsmanship of these Mr. T products is exceptional, and as importantly, they fully complement the Mr. T graphic novel," said Bunting. "The extraordinary thing is that the customer can uniquely customize the product. For example, by choosing which images are used on a shirt, and even which style of shirt," added Bunting. "There's a wonderful interactivity, which brings Mr. T to the 21st Century market with a trademark wallop!" The Mr. T products are available now through the Mohawk Media store or at Zazzle.