The Rock and Kevin Hart Get Ready To Brawl In New Jumanji Set Video

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has plenty of experiencing fighting people. While he is better known [...]

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has plenty of experiencing fighting people. While he is better known for his acting these days, Johnson got his start in entertainment as a touted WWE wrestler, and the guy has still managed to retain his unreal physique. Currently, the actor is showing off his bulging muscles and no-nonsense attitude to fans on Instagram as he continues filming the sequel to Jumanji. And, in his latest update, Johnson and co-star Kevin Hart get ready to go head-to-head with some bizarre baddies.

"Alright, so here we are on the set of Jumanji. It's almost midnight, [and] we got a massive action scene," Johnson told fans in his latest Instagram video update.

"Brother here, I'm [going] to throw him to the f**king roof," he says, pointing to a bracing extra strapped with harnesses. "We have the stunt brothers over here; They're ready to go. We got the crew; They're ready to go."

The video then follows Johnson as he steps away from the crew and towards his less-than-stoked co-star. "And the other action star - we got Kevin Hart here. Let's do this, motherf**ker!"

While Johnson looks more than ready to lay some smack down, the same cannot be said for Hart. The comedian simply cocoons himself in his puffed jacket while his co-star Karen Gillan watches from behind.

"It's f**king cold, man," Hart whines before getting his game-face on. "Let's go. F**king nail it."

However, it doesn't take too long for Hart to start back his high-pitched complaints when he tells the crew to, "Cut, cut!"

This is not the first update Johnson has given fans about this particular action sequence. Earlier in the week, the actor shared pictures of him blocking out the scene's fight choreography.

"Been shooting #Jumanji for months now and I've been waiting patiently for this night to come... In the original movie, the world of #Jumanji came to us. Now 20yrs later in our continuation of the story, we go to the amazing and deadly world of #Jumanji. For months we've shot everything.. all the comedy, all the jungle action and all the heart," Johnson wrote.

"Finally, tonight - Saturday night - all night - I get to knuckle up with my stunt brothers and I get to beat some a** like a drum. My stunt brother here @taitfletcher is going night night. And when he wakes up, I'll be good as gone cause he can rearrange my face with one punch. Let's get it on boys and have some fun."

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Jumanji is being directed by Jake Kasdan. The script was written by Scott Rosenberg, Jeff Pinkner, Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers and based on the Caldecott Medal-winning adventure book of the same name by Chris Van Allsburg. The book was previously adapted into a feature film in 1995, starred Robin Williams, and grossed more than $260 million globally. Ted Field, Mike Weber, Kasdan, David Householter, Van Allsburg, Johnson and Dany Garcia are executive producing.

Jumanji will burst into theaters on December 22, 2017.