The Simpsons Season 25 Episode 20: Brick Like Me

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The 550th episode of The Simpsons, "Brick Like Me," will air tonight on Fox. In "Brick Like Me," Homer wakes up in a world where his family and everyone in Springfield are made of Legos. Can he "put together" how he got there, and figure out how to get home before he's stuck in a world of bricks forever? The voice cast includes Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson; Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson; Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson and Nelson; Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson; Harry Shearer as Skinner; Hank Azaria as Moe, Pamela Hayden as Milhouse and Jimbo; and Tress MacNeille as Dolph. The Simpsons, "Brick Like Me," airs Sunday, May 4 at 8 PM ET on Fox.