The Super Hero Squad Show Gets Second Life

'The Super Hero Squad Show', originally shown on Cartoon Network, has found a new home. Beginning [...]

'The Super Hero Squad Show', originally shown on Cartoon Network, has found a new home. Beginning January 30th, the Hub Network will be home to the series. For those of you that aren't familiar with the Super Hero Squad, it's a segment of Marvel Heroes geared toward younger audiences.  The characters look younger, and the action isn't as, well, adult-like.  My five year old LOVES the Super Hero Squad, and so do a lot of his friends.  Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Huk and Captain America are some of the main characters. Marvel has done a great job marketing the Squad, ranging from a short-lived comic book series, board books, and a boatload of cool toys and gadgets.  And the TV series, which debuted in 2009.  With more of a focus on humor, the show is lighthearted and does a great job of introducing kids to the Marvel Heroes. Both Season I and II appeared on the Cartoon Network, but now the Hub Network will begin showing episodes on January 30th at 4pm ET.  Episodes will run Monday through Friday, with encore presentations on the weekend.  "We're delighted to be adding 'The Super Hero Squad Show' to our lineup," said Margaret Loesch, President and CEO, The Hub. "This terrific, high quality series is a bullseye for our key demographic and is perfectly aligned with our strategy of building our schedule with strong, beloved brands that audiences know and embrace. Additionally, we're thrilled to be associated with Marvel Animation. As one of the world's preeminent character-based entertainment companies, Marvel has a superb reputation for providing quality entertainment." No word on whether or not new episodes will be created.  We'll reach out to Marvel Television to see what they say.  Either way, if you have young kids, chances are they'll like the show. [phpbay keywords="Super Hero Squad" num="6" siteid="1" sortorder="EndTimeSoonest" freeshipping="true" templatename="columns" columns="2"]