The Walking Dead: Five Really Questionable Decisions

The Walking Dead Say The Word

With The Walking Dead season 3 midseason finale set to air tonight, we wanted to take a look back through the season to date. While this has been perhaps the most exciting and memorable season of The Walking Dead so far, there were also some moments where characters made decisions that were should we say…questionable. Here are our top five really questionable decisions made by Walking Dead characters.

5. Digging Graves For No Bodies – In the “Say the Word” episode of The Walking Dead, Glenn starts digging a grave for his fallen friends. The only problem is that his fallen friends have no bodies left to bury. Both T-Dog and Lori were eaten by zombies, and as far as Glenn knows, Carol was as well. We understand the gesture of still wanting to have a grave site for them, but do you really need to spend energy digging a deep hole? Wouldn’t just putting up a cross do?

4. Offering To Help Dig Graves For No Bodies – As Glenn sweats away digging a grave, former prisoners Oscar and Axel come over to talk to him. Now, one might expect Oscar and Axel to ask Glenn what  the heck he thinks he’s doing wasting time digging a grave, when all his friends were eaten by zombies. But, no, Oscar and Axel offer to help. The only thing that makes less sense than somebody digging a grave for no bodies is two other people offering to help.

3. Looking For The Bird – So, Neil knows that Merle doesn’t want to go look for Michonne and that he wants to lie to The Governor about it. Yet, when Merle asks Neil if he hears that bird, Neil can’t help but to look for the bird. Doesn’t Neil know that distracting someone so that you can shoot them is the oldest trick in the book.


2. Not Getting Baby Supplies In Advance – So it was no secret that Lori was pregnant and looked to be expecting any day. Do you think it would have occurred to at least one of the survivors that they should plan ahead for the baby? Sure, maybe they assumed that Lori would still be around to breastfeed the baby, but one might have thought to have some formula on hand just in case.

1. Unfastening Mr. Coleman’s Restraints – So Milton is supposed to be one of the smartest guys in Woodbury, but he thinks it’s a good idea to undo one of a zombie’s restraints while he is still in biting distance. Why didn’t he walk around to the far side of Mr. Coleman and undo his restraint from a distance? Better yet, why didn’t he think of putting Mr. Coleman’s restraints higher up on his arm to begin with so he could still raise his hand if that was going to be whole test to determine if he still retained any memories.