The Walking Dead New Year Marathon Schedule


AMC has announced their programming schedule for the New Year's weekend and it involves a whole lot of The Walking Dead.

Starting on December 29, at 2 PM ET, AMC launched their Walking Dead marathon. The marathon begins with season two, omitting its six episode first season, and will air the following seasons back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

Omitting the first season seems to be aiming at fans who have already watched the series and want to relive their gloriously horrific moments rather than hook new audiences over the weekend. The non-stop trip down memory lane will bring fans back to Woodbury, the Prison, Terminus, and everywhere else Rick and the gang have stopped on their journey to Alexandria.

Hopefully this marathon will be capped with a new trailer for the second half of season six.

The Walking Dead returns with new episodes February 14, 2016 on AMC.