Totally Awesome Hulk Hits Marvel Puzzle Quest Alongside His Comic Debut

(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Totally Awesome Hulk #1 doesn't hit stands until tomorrow morning, but that's not stopping the folks at D3 Go! They've added the character, the superhero transformation of boy genius Amadeus Cho, into Marvel Puzzle Quest, with new abilities to fit this latest incarnation of the Hulk's personality.

Launching simultaneously with the comic, the new character will be available tomorrow in the classic Hulk event re-run, but he'll also be getting his own story event written by Alex Irvine soon for a second high-rated chance to earn him.

The character has Damage, Support, and self-healing abilities on his card. His Green ability reaches back to Cho's origins titled "Mastermind Excello." He destroys a box of tiles and deals damage for additional Blue AP without using it up. His Blue ability is "See the Math of It," where he sets a countdown tile that destroys green tiles and makes blue tiles charged. His final ability (black) is "Hot Dog Stand," where he'll eat an entire stand worth of Hot Dogs to regain health and add blue tiles to the board.

Amadeus Cho's Totally Awesome Hulk is available on the free-to-play Marvel Puzzle Quest December 2, 2015.