Toys R Us Offers Extremely Limited Cabbage Patch Kids "Big Kids" Collectibles For Christmas


Looking for something sufficiently '80s to do for Christmas after you watch the new sequel to Return of the Jedi?

Wicked Cool Toys have announced a new wave of collectible First Time Ever Big Kids Cabbage Patch dolls -- two different styles of 18" dolls, limited to 1,000 each and available right now for the last few days before Christmas. They cost $99.99.

The accessories and dresses will match the Kid's unique personality and will be the highest-end CPK apparel ever. There are only 2 Styles for Fall 2015 – the Class President (Violet Anne) and Ballerina (Sofia Lorraine) and include their birth certificate.

They were announced via the official Cabbage Patch Kids Facebook account, and are available exclusively through Toys R Us. If you order today, you can get it shipped in time for Christmas...and of course, waiting more than a day on something this ultra-limited might mean you don't get it anyway.

You can check out more photos and order here for Sofia Lorraine and Violet Anne.