Transformers: The Last Knight First Look At Bumblebee's New Look

(Photo: Twitter / @michaelbay)Recently, Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures have been rolling out [...]

bumblebee the last knight
(Photo: Twitter / @michaelbay)

Recently, Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures have been rolling out all sorts of updates on Transformers: The Last Knight. With the film rumored to be Bay's final film in the lucrative franchise, fans are growing more eager to see the blockbusting director's vision for the much-anticipated film. And, now, Bay is yet again teasing fans with another update by showing off Bumblebee's brand-new look.

The director took to Twitter, posting a photo of the Autobot's sweet style along with a message which reads, "He'll never leave you. #transformers #stinglikeabee." The concept art shows a full-size illustration of Bumblebee as well as a detailed inset photo of the Autobot's head. The character's classic yellow coloring is still featured prominently in Bumblebee's design, but the character's faceplate and shoulder armor have clearly been tinkered with. Talk about a major upgrade, huh?

The photo also features a brief profile description of the character, telling fans Bumblebee's height, history, and personality. Standing at 18 feet tall, the profile describes Bumblebee as "Second-In-Command" and a "Loyal Guardian."

Of course, Bumblebee stands as one of the most recognizable characters from the Transformers franchise. The character is often seen befriending many of the Autobots' allies like Sam Witwicky in the recent live-action films. Bumblebee is known for his mischievous and curious personality, and the fan-favorite Autobot is one of Optimus Prime's closest confidants.

Set to release on June 23rd 2017, Transformers: The Last Knight stars talent such as Mark Wahlberg, Isabel Moner, Josh Duhamel, William Lennox, Anthony Hopkins, and Peter Cullen. Michael Bay will return to direct the fifth installment with Art Marcum, Matt Holoway, and Ken Nolan having penned the film's script.

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