Twin Peaks Retrospective at University of Southern California Now Online

Twin Peaks retrospective panel and Q&A at USC

Full video of the recent Twin Peaks retrospectives at USC, including last weeekend's Q&A with actors Piper Laurie and Al Strobel, is now online via Welcome to Twin Peaks.

You can see one of the earliest videos, taken from a night we've reported on before since it included Mark Frost implying that there may be more story to tell with the long-cancelled cult sensation, embedded below.

While the university is endeavoring to make official, high-resolution versions of the same videos available, they seem to be providing only partial rips of the video; usually they chop the retrospective and Q&A into four parts, and two or three are available. The fan-shot video provided by Welcome to Twin Peaks is more encyclopedic, which is nice because as any fan of the series knows, every word counts.