Vaporeon Appearance Sparks Pokemon Go Stampede in Central Park

A video captured hundreds of players rushing to get their hands on a rare Pokemon. Around 11 PM Thursday night, Pokemon Go players at Central Park in New York City heard someone call out that a Vaporeon had spawned nearby. Once one player catches a Pokemon, it will only linger on other player's apps for a few minutes before despawning. So, hundreds of players rushed towards the Vaporeon's location, hoping to grab the Pokemon before it disappeared.

A fellow Pokemon Go player captured the Vaporeon stampede on video and posted it to Vimeo yesterday. The video shows one man getting out of his running car to join the crowd trying to catch the Vaporeon, while the video taker and a friend watch in amusement.

Given that Eevee evolutions are totally random (and no, there's no ACTUAL trick to picking out an Eevee evolution, regardless of what other sites say), it's no wonder that there was a mad rush to grab the Vaporeon. Eevees are uncommon in Pokemon Go and Eevee evolutions in the wild are even more rare.


Pokemon Go is the biggest mobile app in history and is slowly be rolled out worldwide. The game is available in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe.