Watch Batman’s Parents Die Multiple Times In A Supercut Of All Their Screen Deaths

Batman's Parents

On Monday night's premiere of Gotham, viewers got to see Bruce Wayne's parents Thomas and Martha Wayne brutally murdered. Of course for the vast majority of viewers, it probably wasn't the first time that they've watched Bruce Wayne's parents die.

Of all the various superheroes, Batman's origin has likely been told more on television, in movies, cartoons and in video games than any other superhero. How many times have the Waynes met their demise on the big screen or the small screen?

Vulture put together a supercut consisting of Batman, Batman: The Brave and The Bold, Batman Begins, Super Friends, Gotham, Batman: Year One, The Dark Knight Returns, Gotham Knight, and Arkham Origins.


One can only wonder if director Zack Snyder will rehash Batman's origin yet again in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice or if he will take it for granted that everyone knows by now.